Hey everyone sorry I haven't really been writing, I have been getting busy with school but anyways this is chapter 3, the end of The Snowy Night this is the Return Of The Devil let's get right into it. We were scared we didn't know what to do Krampus was right outside of my door. After Jasmine Had tackled him she was very cold she had to go and sit next to the fireplace. I felt so bad for her.I knew we had to get rid of Krampus or else we would all die. I took a minute to think than I had remembered we had propane tanks I ran out the back door and grabbed one than I grabbed a flame thrower. I than connected them together and gave it to Jasmine. I had told her "he hurt you now you hurt him." She had ran out the door and started firing up the flamethrower.she then started to burn Krampus and then all of a sudden he was burnt so bad that he just disappeared and we had never seen him again. Shout outs to Jasmine Go check her out at SuperJ_15.

Story is told by SuperA_15




Nice story