"Did you not see him" asked Josh? Jade shook her head. They all got really worried and decided to go out and look for him. They were walking for what felt like hours looking for Noah, calling his name yet no reply. They were about to give up when suddenly Katie spotted something up ahead. " Hey guys, what's that". She said as she pointed to the left of them. They walked up to the object, there they saw Noah. Beaten and bruised, he had claw marks all over him and he was bleeding. Josh bent down and put his ear to Noah's chest, "he dead" said Josh sadly. They all started crying, then out of nowhere came the monster. Jade, Kloe and Katie started screaming. "Run, I'll hold it off" yelled Josh. So the girls started running, Jade stopped and turned around to see Josh being torn to shreds by the monster. A single tear trickled down Jade's face as she began to run again. She caught up with Kloe and Katie. They turned but didn't see the monster so they stopped running, that's when they realized that they were lost. Please like for the final part :)

Story is told by Aqua_the_cool