before I start this story my spelling isn't very good Enjoy... One night I was heading to bed from a long day of school and painting. As I was dozing off I heard a strange noise. I thought nothing of it for I have heard noises at night before. I eventually fell asleep for one or two hours. But then I woke up to the exact same sound a had heard earlier but it was louder...much louder. I got up from bed and went to my mother's room and told her what had happened. she sent me back to bed. as I was dozing off I hung my feet off the bed because it was warm in my room. I then felt a strange warmth almost like....Breathing. I tucked my feet back into my blanket frightened. I attempted to sleep that night. I woke up again but this time to Breathing near my face. I thought it was my sister messing with me. I said "Go lay down it's midnight." there was no response. then I heard a voice. a very Shakey...scratchy...male voice. it sounded nothing like my brother and my father was on a business trip so it couldn't have been him. my eyes burst open only to find a man looking over me then squeezing underneath my bed. I told my mother the next day of what had happened. she claimed "It was just a night mare" then she paused. she looked horrified. she said not to move. But like every child I didn't was him....the man from the night before....HE WAS RIGHT BEHIND ME STARING AT ME. My mother grabbed me from my chair and draged me to the car. we stayed at my grandparents house for about a year. Still to this day I still hear the man's voice saying "Don't hang your feet might regret it." Moral of the story is that you should NEVER hang your feet off the bed....he might just pay you a visit as well 🤫

Story is told by Unknown


I loved the story you are really good at spelling


Haha sucks to be the creepy person i sleep in a ball and i also kick so sucks to suck very creepy guy oh also by the way great story