Jase: well this looks very sheepish around here Mary: (rolls eyes) oh god are you going to do sheep and goat jokes now Jase: no that would be very *mimicks goat* Mary: (laughing) oh there it is the terrible jokes Jase: what you don't think a sheep squatch hates these jokes do you? Mary: i....no...maybe...yes Jase: (sarcastically) *gasp* you are right i could be offending it we are doomed Mary: why are you being disrespectful and not believing Jase: because out of everything this one i don't believe in, a sheep or goat had to you know (air quotes) " do the deed" with a bigfoot or something like that do you see how stupid that sounds Just then they hear a low growl then stomping. Before they know it a sheep squatch is right in front of them. Sheep squatch: (loud bahing mixed scream growl) Mary and Jase run away. Mary: you were saying Jase: i believe now, i believe now

Story is told by lonewolf


Haha this was a baaaaah story ok sorry for the jokes but this is the sheep squatch if y'all have any other cryptids you would like to see me use that i have not used already leave me know