Jax runs for the. Road but there is the sound of growling and the tree branches are creaking louder and louder Jax knows the doom that has fallen. Jax: (to self) come on come on. My child is gone just accept that fact just get to the road it leads out of here, Jax is pounced on by one of the blood stalkers but this, this one is smaller and seems familiar but before Jax has time to recognize the little one others surround. Jax: (on the ground bleeding) who-what-I am sorry i just wanted to get out of here I'm really sorry to disturb you all, One of the female blood stalkers speaks, Her voice soft and soothing. Blood stalker: don't you see the little one that attacked you is your child if you did not panic or threaten anyone i would not of killed your friend and you would have had your child back as a human, but a last all thy care about is your self now your child is mine and your life is (sigh) expired The blood stalker tells the rest to tear Jax limb from limb and bring the pieces of meat back to the colony as she walks off holding the childs hand.

Story is told by lonewolf


Yikes well one done now on to a new one and also need help deciding on a new cryptid for cryptid crys pt 13