So I have this "couch" in my room but it's actually a bench seat out of my van with a sheet on it. It stands on a couple of boards on my floor, the other night while I was sleeping (around 4 in the morning) it randomly fell off the boards and it just does that every now and then, just falls off the board. Also at night I sometimes hear my pc mouse click a lot, it just clicks, and it's VERY annoying to listen to. It keeps me up at night and my parents always wonder why I'm grumpy in the morning ;) that and also I have to wake up at 7:30 every morning for school and since I'm homeschooled I don't have to wake up at 6 :P. So that's all I have right now but be on the lookout for Alone part 4 and if it doesnt come out sometime next week then feel free to yell at me like "SHELBY, MAKE ALONE PART 4". Please like, I'd really appreciate it :)

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I'm sure, no one in my house please call of duty but if I did I would highly suspect that, lol :)


You sure you don't live with a cod play Cod: Call of duty Because you almost described a twitch/youtuber who would play cod on pc just *click,click,click,click* then get mad and throw a chair or flip over furniture...