My Friend's Girlfriend I have this friend that I haven't seen in years it's been a long time that I haven't seen him since childhood. We met up one day out of the blue I was happy to have seen him again after so many years. We been hanging out since getting coffee, watching the football game, etc. One day he came over. he tells me that he met a girl I told him " that's good" I was happy for him. I asked when I could meet her cause I was willing to make a new friend. I got no answer. The next day I saw him he looked pale. I asked him what happened he said " nothing I'm fine it's nothing to worry about. For a couple of days I started to be concerned I decided to go to his apartment and check in on him I saw him laying in his bed. He looked worse than I saw him last I asked again what happened he then decided to tell me something that I never thought I would believe I would believe him for he were true friends that would never be dishonest to each other. I learned that his new girlfriend is a vampire I was shocked didn't know what to say. He told me not to say anything so I left it alone. The next day I'm sitting in my apartment realizing that my friend was fed on by his girlfriend I was scared I have decided to take it upon myself and save him by not only get him to a hospital but also killing the vampire so I went to his apartment armed with whatever would destroy a vampire I looked in his apartment. No vampire but my friend dead in his bed. A couple days after the funeral I spent the time looking for the vampire. No luck. Until one night I was just walking getting some air I pass by the cemetery and then I saw something that made me freeze. My friend and his girlfriend. Now both vampires.

Story is told by Black Tears

Black Tears

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