I was just walkin’ down the street Then that guy came up, boy was there heat “Don’t mind me man, I’m just walking.” But his little white lie was kinda exhausting.   “Yo, you got a problem bout leaving me alone?” “Bruh I’m just walking, you own this zone?” “Just stay away.” “I’m warning ya mate” “Look just listen to me…” Then he pulled out a knife, “Boy time to flea”   So now I’m running down the streets, That guy behind me, ain’t takin’ no defeats Eyes wide open, and hair as black as death, Carved red smile, don’t dare let out a breathe   “Go to sleep” he says, smiling even more His knife still dripping with blood and gore His white hoodie now red from blood Redder than my head he pierced with a thud.   “Go to sleep” he repeated, laughing full of joy “And that’s not the only gift from me yet Troy” “Jeff, is that actually you?” “What? Does my face look o so new?”   Still smiling, he pierced through my heart one last time “This is what you get, Liu never did a crime” “Jeff, we never said Liu made Randy die,” “Oh well, this is still goodbye."

Story is told by Ghastly_flashhh