Ok so sorry to all who commented on the other thing i made i was in a psyche ward. Do to things that happened, But um here is a little run down about it, This psyche ward has doctors(of course) But its for youth that struggle with depression, suicide, etc. And um the "patients" there are really nice and look and act like nothing is wrong (like me), The nurses eh they are human or at least act human. Rooms are small and cold And the nurses check on yoy every 15 minutes at night.... There a groups that are supposed to help with coping skills and all that but it doesn't help with me or i just dont want them to help. At night the nurses talk a lot... And its dark The food is almost like a five star cafe (not really) There is sausage, bacon, toast, enchiladas, pizza, pulled pork, chicken sandwich and more. So yeah that is a little run down hope y'all are doing good oh and um if you all have any ideas for my next cryptid crys or other story please fill free to leave me know - LW

Story is told by lonewolf


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