"Damn it's 3:07am." I thought as I looked at my watch. "Such a beautiful night, The Stars are out and the Moon is shining bright, The astronomical view is breathtaking. It's beautiful but however there's no one to share it with." I thought to myself.

"A part of me believes there is someone out there for me, A friend is all I need and I'd be set for life, I know its a waste of time but I'd like to believe that somewhere just beyond my reach there's someone reaching back to me." I close my eyes then begin to pray and tears of joy stream down my face. "I know there's an end to this loneliness, I just wish I knew when it would end."

I thought to myself as I walked Down a dark empty road. "Heh!" I smirked a bit. "Loneliness is exactly like this old abandoned road, It seems to lead to Nowhere and I'm Trying to escape." "I only been down this road once, but strangely it felt like I walked through here a million times. It has a familiar feeling. It feel like home. Walking into my home all alone, miserable, sad and feeling unwanted. It's a lot easier walking on this old road then walking into my own house." I thought for a moment.

"I wanna die." I uttered under my breath. "I can't take it anymore, Do you know how it feel to know no one is coming? I'll tell you it's unbearab-" I paused for a moment for a Old House in the distance that caught my attention." All the lights are off except for a bedroom light.

The presence of the house alluring me closer to the premises. The urge to walk up the front porch steps are tempting. Within a minute or two i found myself at the front door. "Hello, Anyone here?" I called out as I rang the front door bell.

The door opened and tall thin woman with the most pale skin and pitch black hair with brown eyes came through the doorway.

"I can see the empty look in your eyes. As if someone came around, stole your heart and left you to die." She said. "I've been waiting for you my dear." She said with the most soothing voice.

Story is told by The REAPER


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