The noise Kloe heard was so terrifying, it sounded like a wolf combined with a lion. The most ferocious roar someone has ever heard. Kloe, very scaredly, woke up the others. She told them about the noise she heard but nobody believed her, then they heard the noise again. This time everybody heard it. Jade, being the adventurous person she was, decided to investigate. The others begged her not to but she did anyways. So she left them at the campsite and went into the woods with a flashlight. She walked around for a little bit, but saw nothing. A little bit later she heard the noise again, then some rustling in the bush behind her. She turned around slowly and saw something so terrifying and huge. She turned around and bolted back to the campsite, everyone looked at her, she was out of breath and had a horrified look on her face. Then she finally began to describe what she saw. "It was terrifying, it looked like a big black wolf, it had huge razor sharp teeth and blood dripping from it's mouth". Everyone looked scared. It was at that moment when she realized Noah was gone. "Where's Noah" she asked? Everyone looked at her, "he went to look for you" Katie replied. Like for part 4 ;)

Story is told by Aqua_the_cool