So this was about a week after the clown had attacked and killed the kids and one of the detectives came across the case file. Police Report: Two kids killed Saturday night. Suspects: Guy dressed in clown suit. (Sorry I suck at police reports). The detective became quite interested in the case and decided to reopen it. He got the moms address and went over to her house to see if she wanted to help catch the clown. Of course she said yes and she got into the cop car and the detective drove her over to the station. The two of them were looking for files on the clown but didn't find anything so they decided to go back to the place the kids were killed and search that area. They waited till dark then went to the place, they searched around with flashlights. They looked in all the houses, around the houses, between the houses but found nothing, then they started hearing foot steps. They both got closer to them then that's when they saw him. They were face to face with the clown. The clown started running and the police officer chased him leaving the mom behind. The mom stood on the street, worried, hoping that in a few minutes the officer would have the clown, but she waited and still nothing. Then she started hearing gun shots, bam bam bam. The gun went off three times then the clown came up to her, covered in blood. "That's one less peron I have to worry about" said the clown. Then he looked up at the mom, "your next". She started running but the clown was chasing her then, bam bam bam. Police report: Two people were killed on the same street the kids were killed, one of the people was officer Skid and the other a man in a clown costume, possibly the one who killed the kids. Bodys found by mom, no further evidence. Finally the mom got her revenge for her kids. Please like the story and shout-out to Hxni2344 for the amazing idea for the story.

Story is told by Aqua_the_cool


Lol yeah


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Just to give it a twist


Yeah I don't rly like bad endings, I'd only put one in a story if it was a horror story


Now thats one badass mom ;) I love the ending, most stories have bad endings so Im really glad the mom got her revenge ♡