So we have this creepy storage shed by our house. It's a tall metal building where we store all of our old junk, it's super creepy because there's really old stuff in there and dust and bugs and the building was built a really long time ago so it's super old. Sometime last year me and my dog Pearly went in there to explore and she started freaking out and whining, she also started to shake and that's how I know she's really scared. I believe that the place is haunted because my grandma had something happen in there where she was getting something out of there and she was expecting my uncle to come later so when she heard footsteps and rustling behind her she assumed it was my uncle but when she turned around to tell him something, there was no one there then when she stepped outside he was pulling up into the driveway and she was creeped out by that. Me and my friend also had something creepy happen in there. We went in there because I told my friend that I thought it was haunted and she wanted to explore so we did. Pearly came with us and as soon as we stepped in there Pearly ran out, me and my friend stepped in there and instantly we both got chills. I had a ghost detector app on my phone (even tho they are fake and I don't believe them)so I opened it up and looked around with my phone and it started freaking out and blinking red so we got out of there. I haven't stepped in there since. Please like the story ;p

Story is told by Aqua_the_cool


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Yeah, not planning on going in there anytime soon


Oh my, dont go in there again. Thats a really creepy story.