So there was this girl named Jade and from a very young age she loved exploring. She explored the backyard and in her closet and even her basement, though she never found anything she loved exploring for the fun of it. Jade was 15, she went to a big highschool and she had a group of friends who she always hung out with. At school, at sleepovers and for studying. The group consists of 5 friends, Jade, Katie, Kloe, Noah and Josh. They were all best friends. One night they were having a sleepover at Jade's house and they were playing truth or dare. "Katie, truth or dare" said Noah. "Truth" Katie said. Noah said "is it true that you like Josh". She looked at Josh and blushed. "I'm guessing that's a yes then" said Noah. So the game went on like that for a little bit then this happen. "hey Jade, truth or dare" said Josh. Jade said dare, "I dare you to go in the woods and stay there all night". Jade looked at him weird then said " do you mean the haunted woods"? (They call it the haunted woods because of the story about a man going in there and not coming out then some teens going in there and claiming to have seen his ghost). "Yes" said Josh, "you have to spend the night in the haunted woods tomorrow night". Jade agreed to the dare and they all went to sleep. That night Jade was tossing and turning because of a nightmare she was having, she was walking in the haunted woods and there was something behind her so she started running, the thing was chasing her then.....BAM!! She woke up. (lol you were expecting something to happen weren't you). In the morning she told her friends about her nightmare, they were a little freaked out because she was having to sleep in the woods that night but they thought nothing of it and moved on. They continued on with their normal day but then nighttime struck! Please like for part 2!! Thank you for all the likes on my last story! :)

Story is told by Aqua_the_cool






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