So Im gonna pretend that you guys who are reading this are the protagonist not Makoto Naegi I might spell the names wrong and miss a few parts but uh yea) You wake up in a classroom Wonder what happened and where you are and happen to find a note on the desk you happened to be sleeping on. You open the note and it said, "Everyone head to the gym at 9:00". Before you head to the gym you take a look around and notice iron plates on the walls of the classroom and no windows. After that you arrive at the gym with 15 other students there with you. ???: Oh cool this'll make 16 of us ???: Now we need to introduce ourselves [After you meet the characters] ???: Hello? Hello, can everyone hear me in this thing? Sayaka: a talking teddy bear? Monokuma: I am NOT a teddy bear!, I am Monokuma. Monokuma: you all are apart of this program at Hopes Peak Academy for the rest of your lives Aoi: but we have family! Monokuma: I'll let you all go under one thing Byakuya: say it then Monokuma: those of you who want to leave this place will have to murder another student! Monokuma: after you murder a student then you will have to wait till you find who is dead (meaning those who are not the killer) Monokuma: then that's when I will be holding up a class trial! Monokuma: for now on you may continue your daily life but also make sure that you have ideas for murdering. Monokuma: and I almost forgot if the murderer is caught in the class trial then the murderer will receive a punishment. Monokuma: now go on start ploting! Kiyotaka: Everyone meet up at the cafeteria and will set up rules. [Later yes I'm lazy to explain the rules TvT] Knock knock. Hello, you can come in, You say. Sayaka: Makoto I dont think I should stay in my room What happened? You responded. Sayaka: I was getting ready to go to bed in my room but then as I was my door handle started to shake violently. Sayaka: maybe can we switch rooms tonight? Sure, you hand her the dorm room keys to your room and she hands hers to you. Sayaka: I promise I won't open the door room even if it's you on the other side Goodnight Sayaka, I'll see you tomorrow at the cafeteria. 16 students remaining TBC Characters: Monokuma, Makoto, Sayaka, Junko, Leon, Chihiro, Mondo, Hifumi, Kiyotaka, Celestia, Sakura, Kyoko, Byakuya, Toko, Hagakure, Aoi, Mukuro

Story is told by Egyptgachacat_isback