I feel like, I'm always trapped in my mind, Reality, is what I can't seem to find, I'm tired of all the voices, They keep me from making good choices, You may think, I'm insane, But I'm not, The voices, and this made up worldof mine, is all I've got, It's hard to sleep, I tend to not think, before, I speak, That gets me in a lot of trouble, I belong in a pile of rubble, My parents hate me, They think, I'm a drug addict, but I'm actually clean, I rok very disheveled, To my parents, I look like a rebel, I need to get help, The voices, are telling me, that I'm doing this to myself, I think they're right, I think tonight I hope you guys liked my first poem. I'm terrible at writing. I've always been in to poetry, but I know that, I definitely, am not talented enough to write any poems.

Story is told by LilyTheMarilynMansonFan


I accidentally titled this the wrong title. And, sorry for the grammatical errors. My hands were kinda shaky, when I was typing this out.