On Christmas Eve, Olga, Sabrina, and Amelie, were sitting at the table, eating dinner. Their mother was watching TV, while their father, was on the phone, with some b*tch. When, Olga, Sabrina, and Amelie, were done their dinner, they decided to go cause trouble in the streets. The 3 girls, were known to cause trouble, to the town. After causing trouble, the girls, went back home, where they found, their mother and father fighting. "What is wrong with you!" "You, stupid piece of sh*t! You told me, that you would never cheat on me, with that b*tch again!" "I'm done with you, Sapphire!" "You're not as pretty as you were when you were 22. And, Kleare, has always been more beautiful." After more arguing, and screaming, the girls went to their rooms. The girls were angry at their father, so when their mother, and their father, were asleep, the girls, went into their parents' room, and murdered their father. Then they, put him in the rocking chair, where he usually sat. In the morning, the girls, took their father's corpse, and cooked him for breakfast, and the girls and their mother all ate breakfast, and had a happy rest of their lives.

Story is told by LilyTheMarilynMansonFan


The REAPER, What are your top 3 favorites? Mine are: The Beautiful People, Antichrist Superstar, and Angel With The Scabbed Wings. I actually have a lot more favorites, but these are my top 3.

After My Death.

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Yo Marilyn Manson fan. Your not the only fan of The Antichrist Superstar.


mariameltrissi@gmail.com, Okay. Sorry. I didn't really think things over, before I wrote it. Sometimes, would you like to give me ideas, on new stories?


That's amazing ??but next time please make it longer