Jenny: that was your fault infact if you weren't so harsh on your son maybe mine would not have gone looking for him and maybe i would not of had to shoot him so its all your fault now you want to fight or find tater tot Jax: find tater tot but after that we go our separate ways like planned you find your husband on your own and you take care of my daughter on your own. Jenny: wait why me she is know what never mind.... Lets find this tater guy.... Few minutes later.... Tater: (takes a drink of whiskey and vodka) so yer finally here looking for that damn kid is that it thought you two knew better after what happened with that last boy Jax: (pulls out glock 19) im not messing around where is my son tell me now or i will attract all those tree freaks here... Tater: looks like they are already here (points to Jenny) Jenny is dripping with blood gurgling and choking, she walks forward the sound of shattered bones moving and sounds of hissing from the shadows... Jenny: (spitting out blood) shoot me i dont want to turn please shoot me... Jenny screams in agony as one of the tree freaks, know as blood stalkers rip and tear pieces of skin away fron the bone.... Jax: sorry Jax runs shooting Tater in the leg as he tries to run too.... The shrieks of the blood stalkers grow louder and louder as more come from their hiding spots.... To be continued....

Story is told by lonewolf

Oh also got caught sneaking out.. When i came home they had the police on call and had alrrady reported me missing.

lonewolf, also sorry got disapearing i got cought vapin tresspassin vandalisim and sellin my pills Parents almost sent me to a group home and may send me gmto boardin schoo

Venom Mah ffavbad guy Also It was indicated u think turtles r reptiles Um IM SORRY BUT They is amphibians love -

Great story Also - currently watchin yo yt vid.. WTF I SAW VEN


Yikes what might happen next?