Life as a corpse is absolutely terrible. I used to look so beautiful, but now I look like a freak. I still hate my damn sister, Glenda, for killing me. What did I ever do to hurt her? I hate it in here. It's too small, too dark, and I have Claustrophobia. There are bugs, and worms everywhere. I watch as they eat away at my decomposing body. It doesn't hurt, but watching as some little creatures eat away at the beautiful skin, you used to have, is traumatizing. There are weird people who walk around in the cemetery. I hated them. They dressed weirdly. Anyway, I hate my life even more, now. Most of my flesh has been eaten away. Seeing the once beautiful skin being taken from me, is horrible. I'm coming back as a spirit to haunt the ones who hate me, or hurt me. And I'll make sure of that.

Story is told by LilyTheMarilynMansonFan