Well this is about the movie i got for Christmas last year called Gonjiam;Haunted Asylum.It took me about a year to finally getting around to watching the movie,which is based on true events.I don't want to spoil it,but one part stuck with me for a while after watching it. One of the girls gets possessed and the Go Pro is right on her face.At first,her eyes are closed,but when they open,her eyes are pitch black and she starts whispering quickly in a weird language,and to be honest,it sounded like she was slurping Jell-O while talking really fast. Well,a few nights after i first watched the movie,i wake up and can only remember one part of my dream.The possessed woman had been in it,and was following me.I've heard of movies able to curse the viewer,and i sincerely hope this movie isn't one.

Story is told by Black Cat


Thats scary, man. I might as well stop myself for watching that one particular movie lol


Wow great story, but now it's 1:28 am and you just freaked me out now I can't sleep!!!! ??