So, when I was 9, me and my family would go to this cottage, that we called our vacation house. It almost looked like a mansion. I'm not joking. So, I was sitting outside, when my cousins both came outside, saying something about a black Jesus. I asked what they were talking about, and they told me, that they went exploring around the cottage, and went to the attic, which they thought was creepy, and they saw a black statue of Jesus. I really like this story. I really wish we still had the cottage. I had my 10th birthday there. The basement there was kinda creepy. Do any of you have any ideas, for stories? If so, please put them in the comments. Sorry. I don't come on much, because I never know what to write.

Story is told by LilyTheMarilynMansonFan



Its me MG

Love the name. Marilyn Manson is amazing