The girl, who was named lisa, grabbed glitch. She already knew his supernatural power. So, she grabbed glitch with an heavy suit. She was sent to grab glitch by her father who was an professor who knew about the case. He felt like glitch had an odd ability to make people insane, yet doesn't like attacking children. An officer picked up lisa and brung him to the professor. However, when the professor dissected the glitch doll he found thousands of needles filled with an green liquid and notes stating names of people who went missing and onthe back it said "DISCONNECTED " in green ink. Confused by this, he tried to test the liquid in the needles. Yet when they tried they felt an stabbing pain in there stomach. Soon he felt sick and ran to the bathroom. He vomited into the sink. Yet, he couldn't close his mouth. His back suddenly began becoming itchy. He itched until he began feeling something. It felt like.... a needle. He grabbed it realizing all the Needles he tested, was injected into his back. He no longer could feel his face and soon he dissapeared never to be seen again. "He has disconnected." Was written into the floor of the lab. Glitch was never found by Mortal hands again.

Story is told by Glitches creater