Laurie brought the doll to her two kids named Sarah and Kailey. Sarah (the younger one) was ecstatic when she saw glitch while Kailey (the older one) was afraid of glitch. Sarah played days and nights with glitch while kailey was playing with her friends. One day kailey found glitch in her room and she threw him away. Sarah was heartbroken. One day Laurie decided to check on Sarah. Yet, when she checked she found Sarah holding an stitched glitch. Laurie took glitch away. Yet, when she tried Sarah stabbed her aggressively, then she found out what she did and stabbed herself. Kailey witnessed this and yelled at glitch with tears in her eyes. "YOU DID THIS" she screamed. Kailey ran into the forest. Soon an little girl found glitch. And she decided to bring glitch home. Knowing his effects.

Story is told by Glitches creater

Glitches creater

This is the finished version, also Laurie is Linda's nickname.