One day an child named Jamie found an stuffed pikachu on the street. It looked beat up and old. Yet, due to her being an pokemon fan she picked it up and decided to bring it home. She loved playing with the doll and named it glitch. Yet her parents kept finding it in odd places that Jamie never knew about. One day Jamie's dad accidentally turned on the dishwasher while glitch was in it. Glitch looked ruined when he came out and Jamie was heartbroken and only came out of her room to eat. One day she decided to fully come out. Yet, when she came out she was in shock. Glitch was sitting in the middle of the living room with stuffed versions of her parents next to him. Then, she finally realized that her parents were dead and glitch was just using there bodys to keep her happy. Aggravated by this she decided to sell glitch to an middle-aged woman named Linda. (To be continued)

Story is told by Glitches creater

Glitches creater

This is the improved version of my original Glitches story.