Jase: can you teach me spanish cause i will need it to talk to the people who have seen the chupy cabra or chunky cobra i dont know how to pronounce the goat sucker's name Jase's boss: i aint teaching you but be careful there have not been human attacks but still i dont want anything bad to happen to you.... There is radio crackle and jase screaming and snarls from some sort of animal the camera in face down in the dirt and there is silence again... Jase's boss: JASE!!! What happened talk to me darling what happened.... Jase's boss runs out of camp and finds dead goats and a bunch of blood and jase's bloody and torn shirt... Jase's boss: JASE! JASE! Can you hear me how bad are you hurt did you find the chupacabra what happened darling please talk to me. Jase rises part of his leg is torn open and his machete is bloody and his arm and side has slashes.... Jase: Mary? *breathing heavily* is that you i have a cuts across my eye and blood in my other eye...so mary where are you Mary: oh jase im so sorry im going to help you get to the hospital... Jase: screw mexico the people are nice and the food is great but the heat and the goat sucker suck, also I lo...*passes out* Review footage.... Chupacabra: ( snarls and screeches almost sounding like a tye fighter (sorry i dont know how to spell the screetcher plane in star wars) from star wars)

Story is told by lonewolf


Where should jase go and what should he encounter and also make sure it aint one i have done already ok...