My name is Arthur grooth and for 20 years of my life i have never witnessed something so horrible, so unholy. The year was 1948 and i was spending some time travelling across America as i had retired from the U.S. Navy in whats now be known as world war 2. For 3 years ive been intrigued and fascinated in otherworldly horrors from unholy realms and dimensions. Or so i read in some books i like to read. I was travelling from Essex, rhode Island to choctaw, Oklahoma. It was said to hold many unnatural beings such as a threshold for sleeping mares, home of the street of 9 good to evil witches. Or what me and my friend jackson smit dawson searched for. My friend was an air force pilot of very young origins havin only been 15 years old and drafted into madness he was 2 years younger than me and slender and very tall. The beast we search for is an old legend from before the Indians made it to America. A cave in the county line between pushmataha and choctaw. Its said to hold a demon who has done an unspeakable task that made it the universe's most unforgivable demon. Or so they say. I couldn't tell for sure. Upon arrival at the helmeng airport express i looked around and felt my unceasing anxiety flow through me like a wave of invisible needles. There was a lot of people around many who were dirtied up from the depression of our current days. I tried to beat this depression as a means to travel but the worse was when i looked different from others such as children wearing potato bags as a suit i was in an actual suit. I felt as if everyone despised me as for being to clean and to honorable i wish not to be honored for i have done terrible things to protect the world from further devastation. I was about to collapse before my friend jackson tapped on my shoulder gently. "Hey, you feeling alright you look half alive?" I responded with "yes i am doing just fine. You needn't help me im only a few years older." I joked as a means to calm myself. When i exited the building i was met with an uber that smit had rented. "Im looking for and" The man spoke calmly but in a hurry and highly jittery. The way he looked and acted reminded me of the rabbit off of alice and wonderland the white one with the pocket watch. He indeed was an elderly man with a santa Claus like hair on his head and face and constantly looked at a bronze pocket watch he had stored in his coat pocket. I obliged and confirmed and was aloft in a beautifully new 1948 Plymouth de luxe. Back into the town of antlers which was fairly near to cannibal cave the so said threshold of the demonic beast. I stayed down in a hotel that Dawson also supplied which was surprising the area was almost 40$ each person. The place was new and also a casino so it would be known the place was home to brokers and addicted gamblers. Dawson was kind enough to give the uber a extra 40 so he could also stay in the hotel. The uber whom was named cason Werner decided to stay along with the other two as he would leave early in the morning or so he thought. Upon entering the smell of cigarette smoke and the strong sting of alcohol flow across the room like a wave at the shore. Smit felt he should stay and have fun but i disagreed i hated smoke as it gave me horrible migraines and strikes me sick. To come to this fork in the road i decided to book our room as Dawson and cason the uber tried their chances, got drunken and high off the room. Meanwhile i was in my room with the window open airing the room smell out. On my way to a cafe i was stopped by an old man whom wore a trench coat. He stinked of the liquid drug they sell and smoked a pipe before speaking in a very rash voice "ye needn't find that demon. Here we dont ask which legends are real. We ask what legends aren't real." Before i could speak more the old man walked behind me. I quickly spun to catch him before he left but he was gone like air. The following morning i awoke with a migraine and found my window shut. Go figure: i thought to myself. I heard the creak of the bathroom door open and stood there Jackson covered in a red substance i quickly confirmed as blood he was frightened terribley and stood shooken as behind him lie the twitching life-less body of cason Werner. He had multiple punctures in his chest and a rather large butcher knife lodged in his chest. "By god Dawson, what did you do?" Dawson who was so awestruck couldn't move nor speak. I carried Dawson to the bed and locked the poor uber in the bathroom when Dawson yelled "we must find cannibal cave!" "But why Dawson?" I asked "the earth is at stake here we must find the demon or whatever it is! Do not ask why or any questions i dont know why we just to to find it!" I was puzzled at the madness Dawson emitted but i hadn't known what else to do except do as i was told. In the war if i were to kill any enemies i would do as told to keep my profile as a spy amongst the Germans. Dawson washed himself to eliminate any trace of murder in the building. I was broken by war and haven't adapted to civilian life though i wish i had. I hadn't thought much of the death as it was a miniscule thing to me as ive seen it before over and over again which is why i walk with but a chill under my skin of the incident. It was a surprising 30 minute drive from the hotel and we had met a woman at the area. She had wanted to see if she could hear anything with some odd contraption connected to a wire that led in the cave. "We must enter" exclaimed Dawson "are you mad Dawson there is something in there. The area is restricted. And im surprised none of us were shot yet." Thats when i began to think the woman had planned this. I couldn't speak as i loud echoing noise emitted from the woman's machine. It sounds like a voice of an impossible noise ive never heard before. I wasn't able to think as the woman that was grappled to whatever she made was dragged into the cave having been pulled by the wire "No!" Dawson shouted and ran in after her. "Wait you fool stop and think of what you are doing!" I don't know why but my instincts led me to be lost in the cave as well "hey!" I yelled "Dawson!" I kept walking in the pitch darkness hoping to find something and i did. Crawling on the ground i came up on a pile of twigs and a large glass object i recognized only as a lantern with some carefully planned items i was able to light the flame and came upon the horror. I couldn't see what it was like all i knew was it had many many eyes staring at me as my anxiety alerted me of my fear of people looking at me. But this was no thing. A large tentacle that was purple with flat white thorns poking out grappled my legs and began to only get tighter. I was screaming from the unceasing pain of my legs being shattered like glass. I tried to crawl away and saw Dawson standing there quietly "Help Me!" He spoke nothing and turned around to walk away. More tentacles of the same looks slithered and writhed on the walls leaving a grotesque slime as a large growling sound or many unnerving growlings echoed through the tunnels and i heard the last noise of me screaming as i was being pulled into the blanket of darkness the creature hides behind. The horror of this thing, this abomination, the death, the never-to-be-seen.

Story is told by mr. gardwell

After My Death.

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After My Death.

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Ah, I wouldnt want to die like that.

mr. gardwell

I don't know why its under murder and deaths its supposed to be madness. Oh well.