We had finally moved into our new home and I was so excited. We had to move from Washington to Callerado because we had neighbors that did drugs. So we finally pulled into the driveway and I ran into the house. It was so cool I loved it. We got all our stuff in. It was jus me my brother Josh and my parents Cassie and Randy. I'm Austin and I'm 11 years old in a huge house. That day we spent all of our time unloading our stuff and we got it all done before night. Then came night time. We finally got dinner, we had pizza and salad. And then we went to bed. I was woken up in the middle of the night by my big brother Josh. He said we need to get out of here. He told me he woke up to get water and he saw a creepy old lady at the end of the bed. To be continued Thanks to my brother and my parents wait until next time.

Story is told by SuperA_15


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