Raven didn't know what she had unleashed. But when she went back upstairs everything looked normal but still, something is not right. So she went to her room to do homework. She works on her homework before dinner. Her mother shouts "Dinner is ready!" She heads downstairs, she goes to the kitchen to grab a plate, and to serve herself. When she opened the pot lid it was spaghetti with bugs in it. She looks at her mother eating that spaghetti. She looked back at the food in the pot. She puts away the plate and answers "I'm not hungry!" She said nervously. Her mother hears raven "Are you sure?" Raven answered the second time "Yes." Raven gets a water bottle out of the fridge and heads back to her room. She went to go back to finish the last answer in her homework paper. She finishes the last answer and heads to bed. After some sleep, Raven woke up she checks the time it said ??:?? ?.?. Raven was afraid something might happen. She got up from the bed and she looked at her window, the sky was normal. She rushed to her mother's room. Her mother was gone.....she rushes to change clothes and to get her shoes on. She knew something was going on. The girl grabbed her backpack and filled it up with supplies. She went to her closet and got the toolbox she could put it away in the kitchen. She went downstairs to the kitchen. And opened the cabinet door. But before she could put it away there were bugs in the cabinet. She got scared in fear and tried to not scream or shout. She screamed on the inside. She threw the toolbox in the cabinet but then came a gun. She was surprised "A-a gun! My mother didn't use it but this could come in handy." She grabbed the gun and saw a bag of bullets on the floor. She realized when she threw the toolbox in the cabinet the bag of bullets and the gun had fallen to the floor. She picked up the bullets and the gun so she can put it in her backpack. She headed to the basement. And saw the basement wasn't normal. Raven was shocked because it turned into a bug tunnel in the basement and the candle was gone. Raven knew it was the candle. She would get her pocket knife from her backpack. She followed the tunnel. After getting out of the tunnel it led to outside. Into the woods. She wasn't surprised the tunnel would lead her outside. But she found some clue. Her mother's necklace. She picked it up and put it away. But then she realized that her mother was in danger and so was she too...... (Part 3 is coming soon hope you enjoyed the story!)

Story is told by Ava loves stories


The candle seems cursed. I'm quite curious about the next part.

Ava loves stories

Part 3 is out!