Raven would look through her phone. But then in realization, she knew she had to clean her room before her mom came back. She cleaned up her room as fast as she can. But before she could take another step just to pick up her back she fell into a little hole in the floor. She knew her foot was stuck. She was about to shout but said to herself "Agh! I think I shouldn't have sped walk into my room! ". She pulled her foot out of the hole in the floor. She'd look into the hole and find a little box. She'd go down to the kitchen to get the toolbox and go back to the 2nd floor rushing back to her room. She'd take out a hammer from the toolbox " If my mother found out she will kill me for this. " she'd hit the floor with a hammer on the floor. The whole became a little bigger, she'd take the box out of the hole. She'd see her mother coming out of the car. She quickly hid the toolbox in her closet. Her mother shouted "Raven I'm home! " raven rushed downstairs to her mother. Her mother asked raven "Raven can you help me with these groceries? " raven answered "Sure!" ????? ??????? ???? ??? ????????? Raven explained what happened but she didn't explain about the box and what she did to make the hole bigger. Her mother got concerned very fast and asked her "Are you hurt?!" Raven answered "I'm fine mom. Don't be worried, please!" Then raven's mother answered "Alright alright. I'm just making sure." After putting away the food she needed the floor problem fixed. Raven went to the basement. She carried the box to the basement. She'd open the box and there were a candle and a few photos. She took the candle out, she'd set the candle down on the table. Then she took out a few photos and it had people playing some game with the candle. She looked behind one of the photos. It said ???????? ???? ??? ???????... Raven didn't understand what would be unleashed. So she got a lighter and lit the candle. After lighting up the candle something wasn't right...she realized that something was different... (Part 2 is coming out soon) Sorry for not posting that much. I know it's a very tough time right now. But let's all try to be safe as possible. And please remember I won't be posting as much. Thank you.

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Part 2 is out!

Ava loves stories

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