I'm sorry, if this story, has already been done. If I copy, any of your versions of this story, please let me know. A husband, and a wife, wanted to go out, so they called their usual babysitter. They, called her, and let her know, that she, could, watch TV, because the children, were already sleeping. So, the parents, left, she called the parents, and asked them if she could watch TV, in their room, because, the TV, in the living, room, had no cable. They said yes, but then she asked, if she could move the clown statue. "Get the kids, and get out of the house." said the father. "Why?" the babysitter, asked. "We don't have a clown statue. The kids have been complaining, of a clown statue, in their room." So, the babysitter, went to get the kids, but when she opened the door, to their room, it was too late. The kids were dead. She called the police, and then the parents. When, the police, arrived, they found, that the clown statue, was a midget serial killer, who dressed up as clowns, to kill children. Sorry, if some parts of this story, were a bit wrong. I kinda forget some parts of the urband legend. I need more story ideas. Can anyone, comment any?

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LilyTheMarilynMansonFan, as far as I know you should report it to get it removed. But it was good though.

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Good story


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