I am a writer. And recently I've been in a situation I couldn't believe would happen to anyone..... I'm really shocked..... I wouldn't believe it even if my own best friend told me this.... Without further ado let's get started. A month ago I started writing in an app. After uploading my first story I was waiting patiently for someone to read it and leave a comment. A week went by but there was nothing..... One day I opened the app and checked. Still nothing..... But a certain writer's story caught my attention. The writer seems amazing. A lot of people reads their stories and leaves nice comments. In fact I've seen this writer giving really sweet comments to other people. I read that story and I absolutely loved it! I couldn't stop myself from commenting on it. It was just too good. All of her stories were too good. The next day I checked the app. And today she commented on my story! I was so happy. I thanked her. And after that surprisingly my stories got some popularity too but not as much as hers. Still I was content with whatever I had. As days went by I realized how sweet and caring she is... I really wanna be her best friend. I really do. She had provided her Id of an app (I'm not mentioning the name) in her bio. I really want to talk with her. So, despite being shy and hesitant I downloaded the app and created an account then sent her a request. I put my phone away thinking she wouldn't accept it. Later at night I checked. Oof. Silly me! Why did I put my phone away?! She accepted my request immediately and even sent me a message. I'm really disappointed in myself for making her wait. I apologized and she said it's okay. After that we started chatting everyday. As days went by we became good friends. She's really easy to talk to. Also she's super sweet and caring. I'm really grateful to have a friend like her. I've never met anyone quite like her. She's really special. It's been months since we became friends. From what I heard we don't live too far from eachother. I want to meet her but I'm too shy to ask her. Now a days I type a message like that and cut it almost everyday. It's been 2 weeks and I still didn't ask her a thing. But I will today. It's now or never. I typed a message as I thought that and this time I sent it instead of cutting it. It's been hours and she isn't replying. At night I was checking my phone and she still didn't reply. I was starting to lose hope and was about to go to bed when I heard my phone buzz. It must be her I thought and I was right. Our conversation went like this. Her: Are you sure? Me: Yes, I'm sure. Her: I don't think you'd want to meet if you knew the whole truth. Me: What truth? Her: Please don't ask. Me: Okay. I won't ask. But please can we meet? She's not answering again.... I'm waiting but she's not answering. I guess I pissed her off. I don't know when but I fell asleep as I was waiting. The next morning she still didn't reply. But something in me just wouldn't give up for some reason. I don't know why... But I was desperate. I told her that I wanted to meet her. And whatever I didn't know won't bother me either. She just sent the address right after I sent the message. I told her I was going as I went out my door. I went to the given address. The place was really quiet. There were no other houses to be seen within sight. It was already getting dark when I reached there. The house seemed old and.... Abandoned...... It seems like no one was in there. I messaged her again. Me: Where are you? Her: Come to the backyard. And you'll find me...... I went there straight. But what greeted me was not a human but an open grave....... A bony hand was waving at me..... I rubbed my eyes.... But it was still waving. And then after a while it went down... I was petrified. The phone in my hand buzzed. I took a peak...... Her: Now do you see me? Me: Yes ..... Her: Do you still want to stay? Me: What happened? (I don't know where the courage came from. But I asked. Now I realize that I actually knew nothing about her. We always talked about me or other stuff. She never really said much about herself and I never asked. I'm honestly feeling guilty now.) Her: They buried me alive....... Me: Why? And when? Her: I was 15 when that happened and now it's been almost 2 years now....... I was waiting for her to say more but she was quiet. Me: Continue. I tried to encourage her. Her: My parents....... They did this to me. They were foster parents...... They wanted the whole property to be theirs I guess...... That's... why...... Me: Oh my goodness......... I was out of words and on the verge of tears.... Her: I'm so lonely....... I felt her soul call out to me. After that I don't know what happened but I'm heading towards her grave as if I was hypnotized or something..... Her rotten body greeted me. She's smiling at me and I smiled back. For some reason I'm not scared. She raised both of her hands towards me like a baby who wants her mother to sleep with her. I too like a loving mother joined her. After that I buried us both into an eternal slumber. Now both of us are here together writing this story for all of you to read. We've been here for 2 years and I must say that the dark grave is so comfy...... ##username##, do you want to join us too? The End

Story is told by Inti


Yes it is fiction.

Ava loves stories

I don't think this is fiction...... W-well I hope i-its is....

Queen Quacker

Holy frick is this fiction?