When I was about twenty there were few jobs for women due to the civil war. Eventually I found a job at a hospital, specifically at the Children's Ware on the 2nd floor. I felt respected and a positive spirit was flowing through me as I realized I was helping children in need. But something always frightened me when I entered the ware to give medicine and or food. There was a quiet child at the left corner of the ware, about 8, and he was always staring at me. His hospital bed was placed next to the door which read with clear bold letters STAFF. I was allowed to go through and check the place out, but the children encouraged to not go in there. Except the little boy and the end of the ware. Whenever I asked that question, he nodded his head in silence. About a month into the job I decided to check the staff room. I didn't want the thought of it to tease me any longer. It was about 5 pm, and all the children were pleading me to stay there, except the little boy. Once I opened the door and stepped inside the door closed in on me. A millisecond before done so, the boy's eyes flashed red. Nah, maybe it was my imagination. As I continued strolling the room seemed endless. It was just a loney clandestine hallway. But it was pitch black. I decided to take my phone out and opened the flashlight. The walls were black. The floor was black. The ceiling was dripping with freezing ink. Then, I heard a laugh. It was a child's. Suddenly a little flame ignited quite close to me, but it was circular. As I walked closer, I sensed heavy breathing. The laughing began again. With my flashlight shining the way, I recognised a figure. Splattered with blood and a finger hanging from his mouth. It was the boy in the corner. The laughing got louder. And LOUDER. I shut my flashlight and ran. I banged the metallic door brutally, but no one could hear me. I turned around with my flashlight on, and witnessed the boy pouncing on me, and piercing my scalp with deleterious daggers. I felt the sour blood oozing out of my skull and into my mouth. I fell over and turned to the boy. He was chuckling again. Before I let my final breathe, he disappeared into the darkness and the door opened. I was just the first victim.

Story is told by Ghastly_flashhh


Any suggestions for future stories? I am a bit stuck at the moment cos my life is going quite positively. :(