I've always,worried about the girl next door to me. She, seems... very off. You know the feeling, where when you're around someone, and you just don't feel right? Well, yeah. That's how I feel, around her. For some reason, every night, I always see her, walking around, in the cemetery. She always goes to a specific grave. I see her lips move. But I never know, what she's saying. Everyone, in my neighborhood, thinks, she's weird. Tall, long black hair, dark eyes, pale skin, very skinny. Everyone secretly gossips about her. Always spreading BS, rumors, whispering, when she walks by, and so on. So, here's where everything, all starts, getting strange, besides her talking to graves. I was out one night, partying with my friends. I was just hanging around, with some of them. "Hey, Nic, let's go play Hide-And-Seek, in the woods." suggested my friend, Caroline. I've heard a whole bunch of stories, about people playing Hide-And-Seek, in the woods, before, and it always going wrong. But I didn't wanna act like a chicken in front of Caroline, or I'd never see the end of it. So, I go into the woods, with a few other people, and we start the game. Everything is going well, until, I spot my strange neighbor, sitting around, a fire, with five other people. They all, including my neighbor were all dressed in black, from head to toe. And they were chanting,n some sort of language, that I couldn't understand. As soon, as I saw them, I immediately, started running, to my friends' house, to tell everyone, what I just saw. Some of them came outside with me, to look, and the people were still there. We gathered up the others, and ran. Me and my friends, decided to NEVER play Hide-And-Seek, in the woods ever again.

Story is told by LilyTheMarilynMansonFan


allykat175@gmail.com, Thanks. I didn't think, anyone would actually like my stories.


allykat175@gmail.com, Totally. I don't really listen to much Skillet, but I do listen to MCR, and Linkin Park.


Woah creepy


That's super creepy to imagine.


U read yo bio.. We r kinda alike: I love murder, satinism, and slipnot lmso Im a goth emo type, and love hard core metal and rock.. Do u like my chemical romance? Or skillet? Linkin parkim?


I love dis... I know the word im finna say is dead.. But... This is- E p i c