She has that murderous expression which can be a bit scary. She can be so different sometimes...... "Let's focus on class for now or else we wouldn't understand a thing." She smiled sweetly as she said that to me and turned her focus back to the class. (She's right. We should focus.) I thought as I did the same. ——————After Class——————— We attend a cooking class after school which we finished and were headed home. It seems like Amber is really pissed. "That stalker dude would follow me everywhere and stare at me. Even when I'm out in the balcony. I just can't take it anymore!" Now she's just staring in the distance like a helpless puppy. At this moment she seems paranoid. I just want to protect her in these times but all I can do is console her. But she needs to get used to it. More will come and go. Still, can you really blame her for wanting to be indoors all the time? Whenever she comes out something bad happens most of the time. She still don't wanna hide forever. I'm proud of her for that and I'll support her to the best of my abilities and never leave her. I'll try to help and protect her I promise. "Why don't you just report him?" I asked. "I have tried but whenever they came to check he was nowhere to be found." She said as she looked down. "He's clever but he can't hurt me in anyway. So, it shouldn't be a problem." She smiled sweetly trying to hide the fear within her. She tries to stay positive. But I know she'll be overthinking later when she would be alone. As her best friend I can't do a thing when she's that scared. I feel useless now. Ugh..... I wish I could help her. "Hey bear, you're worrying again. Don't worry so much or else you'll become old" She chuckled. "What about you? You worry way more than me. Do you wanna get old too?" I asked trying to seem funny. "Not really" she replied and we both bursted into laughter. After that we were just messing around until we reached the crossroad. From here her house is towards the left and mine is towards the right. We waved goodbye as we parted ways and headed towards our homes. I didn't see her stalker though. Later at night she told me her parents will go visit their grandparents and that she'll be home alone tomorrow. So, we should have a sleep over. I agreed cause it's been a long time since we last slept over. The next day we attended classes and decided that we'll go home as we usually do and then I'll go there around 7 pm. Everything was normal today. Nothing out of the ordinary happened. ———————7:00 pm——————— I reached infront of her house and saw all the lights were off. (Is she not inside?) I called her. It kept ringing and she's didn't pick up. I called the house phone but no one picked up. Then I decided to just ring the bell.... When I reached the porch I noticed that the door was ajar...... Now I'm scared. I burst in trough the door and immediately start yelling her name at the top of my lungs..... (Amber.... Oh my sweet Griffin please be alright) I begged internally as I searched for her.... After 20 mins of searching I called the cops and informed them and later her parents with tears in my eyes. I went in her room and found 2 dead bodies. I was just standing there sobbing.... I didn't turn on the lights.... My best friend was the perfect girl. Sweet and caring. Beautiful, skilled, hard working and kind. There's no one in this world like her. I still remember that day when she had high fever yet she quietly did all the work for our group assignment and made it a success. She didn't say anything to anyone. We found out about it after she suddenly fainted.... I still remember when no one believed me and already made me an outcast she was there beside me.... She protected me from all those bad things........ She never hurt a single soul intentionally, if she ever did by mistake she'd feel like dying and now here she is.... I couldn't protect her..... Suddenly, someone turned on the lights. At first I shielded my eyes with my hand. I gasped in terror as I read the sentence on the wall. "Aren't you glad that they're dead?" It was written with blood and there was a smiley beside it..... I looked around but there was no one. I started to tremble..... Then I heard footsteps approaching me. It was the cops along with Amber's parents. And the dead bodies were of Amber's and probably the stalker's...... Surprisingly the writings on the wall disappeared..... After that Amber's parents moved out of that house. We still have contact with each other. But to be honest I'm still scared whenever I remember the writings on the wall and how it disappeared. Amber.... I wonder what happened to her that night..... The End

Story is told by Inti


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