I was on a school field trip, with my friends. We were visiting a museum. But I couldn't remember what museum it was. Then, we got to this, one exhibit,where there were a whole bunch of stones. But one stood out. It was a big, black, round stone. "That ones, beautiful!" said Alison. "It's cursed," said the tour guide. But I knew no matter how much the tour guide told Alison, that the stone was cursed, she would still steal it. And so she did. Next week, when I went back to school, I overheard a conversation, between two teachers: "BRITTANY, did you hear, about Alison?" "Yes, Jane. The police say, that she was found, holding a big, round, black stone." "Oh no! I recognize that stone! Years ago, my grandma, stole it, from somewhere, I don't remember where, but, the next day, she was found dead, with the stone, in her hands." It's a shame, it got Alison. Maybe she should've listened.

Story is told by LilyTheMarilynMansonFan


Inti, Thank you!


That cursed stone seems interesting. I wish I could find it. The story was good btw!