There once, was a cult called Blackmoon. I just thought Blackmoon, was just a story. But I was wrong... One night, I was walking in the woods, when, I heard chanting. When, I got closer, I saw seven teenagers, dressed in all black. Then, one of them, locked eyes, with me. Then the teenager, came running after me. "Wanna join, our cult?" he asked. I nodded. I wanted to see, what kind of things they did. We did chants, dances, and rituals. My favorite ritual, was the one where, we drew blood. It was fun. Then, I realized, that the teenager who asked me to join the cult, was planning on killing me. Three days later, I decided, to leave the cult. I still heard the cult praying to Satan, as I left.

Story is told by Creepypasta Lover

Glitches creater

Meh, could use some work. Yet intresting idea.