One night, Anne-Marie, was asleep, when, she heard a noise. She sat up in bed. She saw, a girl, in all black, wearing, a black cape, over, a long black dress. "Who are you?" she asked. The girl, didn't answer. Anne-Marie, thought she was imagining things, so, she went back to sleep. She had, a dream, that her Aunt Loretta, was tragically killed, in an accident. She woke, up crying. After, school, when sh got home, her mother, told her, that her Aunt Loretta, died, in an accident. That, night, she had another, dream. The dream, was, she was in a white room, strapped, to a bed. Then, 3 people, all wearing white, came in. "You murdered, your aunt." saidone, of the people. "She died, in an accident." said Anne-Marie. "You killed, her, Anne-Marie! You killed her!" "IT WAS A Dream!" said Anne-Marie. "No it wasn't! You killed your aunt, dressed, in all black! You're a psycho!" You know, how I know, all this? Because, I'm Anne-Marie.

Story is told by Creepypasta Lover