Mother, they found us they want to execute brother pastor john said " thy who protects the devil gets punished". I dont want to feel the pastor's wrath again. You know what the pastor does right? Oh no pastor is coming.... Mama where are you im scared.... *unreadable do to blood stains*.... .....(lonewolf thoughts)...... So has greed gone too fair has wrath gotten someone killed who knows only one person knows for certain our character is in some real trouble with a pastor that has wrath and a brother sentenced to death maybe she will escape and be free or maybe it wont be a happy ending or maybe our character is actually in cahoots with El Diablo and maybe she is just hiding her "magic" Well what do you think? "The lion has pride, but the wolf has pack" Dont let pride and greed get to your head.... -LW

Story is told by lonewolf

lonewolf, also i may or may not have gone off on after my deatj for callin u a pig- whoops...

lonewolf, and i still love that quote... And yo stories keep it up man

I have a guess but im most lilky wrong


Whats gonna happen well whatever you're thinking it's probably wrong....our character is gonna be in a world of pain before things let up....