How DARE THEY???? Va da ter and hugged. Yeah....... 1100/0011/10011010/100/00110/1100111 Really now??? To pick up the remote contro,l car and started crying.... How??? HOW CAN THEY BETRAY THE GROUP???? THE RELIGION???? How DARE THEY????

Story is told by After My Death.

After My Death., KADE will get rid of you and all you Capatlist!!!!



Ava loves stories

When is this choas gonna stop? ;-;

After My Death., im comin for yu mother ****err.. And ur stupid KADE

After My Death., aye man u betta watch yo ****in mouth boi im finna END U. FUK OFF.

Ava loves stories

;-; Uhm this is probably choas in the comments.

Ava loves stories

;-; Uhm choas┬┐ But I'm not sure about what this is about?


After My Death., aye take it as a compliment pigs are smart oh wait no dont take it as a compliment you will never be as smart as a pig

After My Death.

lonewolf, Shut up pig!!!!!!!


After My Death., looks like the big bad wolf got overrun by the little pig or are you the pig and im the wolf?

After My Death., Don't you dare, we will kill that freak!!!!

Hehe E X P O S E D B i t c h Ik more now...

Hm.... I wonder how much info i can get from the benifiet of her givin out info like that... Could be critical for kade and u...