So the first time I had these experiences was probably when I was like 10 or something around then. We had just been at a pizza party at our local club, and as we got in the car and began driving off, I noticed a silhouette of what I can only describe as a plague doctor. Even though it was well lit up with the lights, it seemed like it had it's own shadow. Thinking it was because I was tired,I brushed it off. It was only about 1 year ago before I had a similar experience. So there I was, walking home when I thought I felt like something was off. I felt the need to turn my head and look behind me, and I had to. So I did, and saw another plague doctor. But he was not alone however. This time, he had a what I assume to be a patient. Both were staring at me. I just ran home. I will never turn my head again.

Story is told by Boilord Thecrazed