Me and my boyfriend jack just moved into a new house in new York there was a really old man acrossed the street. He was really sweet but he was kinda creepy cause he would come over randomly or he would stare at my body a lot. Me and my boyfriend are only 18 so I thought it was weird. But he was sweet but one night when I was sleeping I woke up to him at the door starring at me I thought I was dreaming so I got up got water, and went back to bed I woke up about 3 hours later to pee but when I turned to ask jack something he was gone. I thought he might, of just went to work or out with friends or something but when I was in the bathroom I heard a scream coming from the kitchen so I ran downstairs. When I went down stairs I seen my boyfriend with his belly, cut open and his organs all over the floor I screamed and called the cops. I was so scared I left the house and went to live with my parents and did some research about the house and the next door neighbor. It turns out that the neighbors daughter died in the house we lived in because he was drunk one day and gutted her too so now who ever moves into that house gets killed for revenge of not forgiving his self. But he died 4 years before we moved in? Made by:Alex hey guys do you think I should make a part 2 let me know and thanks for all the love and support?

Story is told by Alex