It was really late by the time I got off work I was really tired when I got home I didnt even ,change I took my shoes off and fell asleep right away. I woke up around 2:30am and seen someone I thought I was dreaming so I went ,back to sleep. Five minutes later I wake up again to the same person, there but closer I didnt think anything of it cause my next door neighbor sleepwalks and it was him. So I fell back asleep but woke up an hour later cause I felt a weird touch on my body at first at was sharp then came paini thought it was my cat so I went to bed the next morning I woke up and got dressed. When I was getting ready for the day and I was changing I seen so many scars on my body that weren't there last night. But still thinking nothing of it I went to work this happend for around 3-4 days so I decided to recorded myself and see what was happening. So I recorded myself but I didnt think anything bad would happen until it did.... So that night when I went to bed I started the recording I woke up once with a pain in my foot like someone stabbed it then fell back asleep because I get craps in that foot a lot so I thought nothing of it. But after I went to sleep I never awoke four or five days later my neighbor started to smell something gross from the apartment so he came to cheak. Oh me when I didnt aweser he walked in and screamed and call the cops. When the cops got there they seen me dead and notes I wrote when all of this started to happen. Then they all watched the video and the neighbor got arrested for murdering me then after he got out of prison he had to go to the insane asylum. The end Made by: Alex hope you guys enjoyed

Story is told by Alex


Ava loves stories, thanks and I try but I'm normal busy so its hard to

Ava loves stories

Not bad but there are a few mistakes. I hope you'll check your story before posting.