Two sisters were destined to die Julia the first sister and Martha the second, on Julia's day of departing identical twins stood before me impossible to tell apart they questioned my presence since they were still so young "Julia must come with me" I demanded but they both claimed to be Martha, I explained that Martha's fate was soon to be the same and that their games were useless I didn't have time for it a war was keeping me busy but they didn't concede and instead kept insisting "can we follow you together? " no impossible "are you sure Martha will die too?" nothing is certain in wartime "what if the wrong person went with you? " then you would have cheated death one would die unjustly and the other would simply be delaying her fate, they discussed amongst themselves then hugged before one of them came forward she stared in a determined almost threatening manner I guessed it was Martha sacrificing her self giving more time to her sister but I stayed silent not to reveal their failed deception no one lies to the face of their own death so I asked how their choice was reached "we drew lots by throwing a Medallion" she said quietly They had trusted in fate oh how naive they were they knew fate plays by its own rules which is true but it is also my ally fate never would have allowed the wrong girl to follow me In that case my work was done she must have been Julia however little to my knowledge at the time that blasted Medallion had the same name engraved on both sides Martha's So my first assumption was correct they were too damn smart and had fooled both fate and me ONE THING IS FOR SURE I WILL PUT THING BACK WERE THEY BELONG I WILL CORRECT MY IGNORANCE AND GIVE FATE BACK ITS BLINDFOLD.

Story is told by dark knight12