He's here again...I can feel it. I can't see. My eyes are glued shut. For some reason I get the urge to run- run as fast as I can. I run into something. Someone. I get my sight. It's my friend, Ruby. She's asking what's wrong but I can't say anything knowing she wouldn't believe me. "He's chasing me". Ruby: "what?" All I could say was "He's chasing me he's chasing me". She just stood there laughing historically. It's not Ruby. I look into this thing's eyes. It's deep, soulless eyes. It continues to laugh at me. I'm confused. I can finally move. I run away. Where? I don't know but I just want to get away from that thing. It's chasing me. It's too fast. It tackled me. My face in the dirt unable to breath. It turns me to face it. I'm looking into the eyes of the monster. But they don't seem evil. The seem helpless and afraid now. It's saying my name. Oh. Time for school. Sorry it's bad I know ? Pt. 3???

Story is told by pErSoN