It was an average summer day,kids running around and neighbors walking down the street it was a very peaceful day except for the heat

I was sitting in my yard chair gazing at the sky bearing the heat,so I went inside for a couple minutes to get a cold treat from my fridge

When I went back outside the sky was no more blue,dark clouds blocked the sunlight,I thought it was gonna rain so I went back inside again and laid on the couch and started watching TV when all of a sudden I heard people screaming I thought it was coming from the TV

But I was wrong I was about to go out to see what was happening but something caught my attention something was moving in the clouds then all of a sudden
Blood started falling from the sky I was panicking i was wondering
"what the **** is happening"

Story is told by DEADBRAINZ


I hope so


This is probably gonna happen after covid


This is a very bad written story guys and gals and attack helicopters.