Is he here? I thought. Where is he? I can barely see. It's too foggy. Then I see him...the man in the shadows...he walks towards me. I run as fast as I can trying to adjust my eyes to the darkness as I run faster. I'm breathing heavily, and he's running faster and faster. I can tell. I continue to run and I can see a giant rock in the distance. I run until I finally lose him, then I hide. I here him. Calling for me... all of a sudden I here footsteps... I see him. He is reaching for me. But I can't move. I try, but can't. That's when I wake up. My alarm is going off. It's time for school. I think about this all day and I just don't understand. What does he want? Why does he chase me? This is a dream I've been having. Something new might happen. Part 2?? (Also this is my first story so don't say it's bad cuz I know) ?

Story is told by pErSoN


Interesting story/dream bro