After a few hours the remaining group stop for the night. Plague: we, you, i- Skull: yer a coward, thats all you are a coward, thats all your ever were is a coward, thats all you ever will be is a coward... Reaper: thats enough both of you all i want is my family to get along. Skull: we are not this cowards family now come on reaper. Skull and Reaper take off into the brush... Plague holds down Cloak so Cloak cant run after them. The next day. Cloak: YOU ARE A GOD DAMN COWARD I SHOULD KILL YOU RIGHT NOW BANG!!!!!!!!! Plague shoots Cloak, Cloak returns fire. Skull and Reaper heard the guns and run back to Cloak and Plague... They see Plague is dead on the a bullet in his head. Cloak is siting up against a log bleeding a lot, Reaper gets the med kit and grabs some bandages. Skull comforts Cloak. Cloak: Plague...(takes long deep breath in) shot first...(stops speaking for 20 minutes then continues Cloaks breathe is shallow now) i had no choice He always was a coward and died (screams out in pain as Reaper sticks some gauze into the wounds to help stop the bleeding)...he die like a coward too. The set cloak back up and they try to get him up off the ground, Fail, they try again, Fail, all their attempts fail they here a hoard coming along with the dog Reaper ends up getting shot by some people they left behind. Skull ends up getting bit. Every one: we're surrounded !!! They get over run

Story is told by lonewolf