We lived in an apartment with my mother and my 2 sisters until we moved when I was 14. I would've said I was sad to leave the place, but not after what happened. One normal night, hearing normal dripping water, feeling my normal rock-hard bed creak and whistle irritated from my constant turning, smelling the normal, chilly breeze flourishing from my open window and tasting the same dry air as I groaned for water lazily, I saw something. In the corner of my eye, my closet door squeaked open. Could've just said ?ℎ? ?ℎ???? ?????? ?ℎ????ℎ ?? ?????? ????'?? ?????? ??, and gone back to sleep. But after my sisters kept stealing all my clothes I've had the closet door locked every night since. I was petrified. Inaudibly, I turned ever so slightly and faced the other way, goosebumps seizing me. I closed my eyes shut and replayed my favourite songs over and over, acting like a therapist. Suddenly, i felt heavy breathing on my neck, and my bed slightly tilting because of the mass amount of weight behind me. I dared not move, twitch, sigh, gulp and everything else but breathe. I could sense it in front of me now, its warm, mortifying breath piling on me. Not confident but curious, I barely lifted my eyelid to realize the creature was less than a metre away from me. "Peekaboo!", it giggled in a child-like voice. Its giggle echoed in the room as I began lightly trembling. "I know you're awake..." it chuckled, before intensly hiccuping. Coal black eyes and mouth seeming like an endless void stared emotionlessly into my face. I felt like I couldn't breathe. My throat was being pressed down, and I still couldn't move. I immediately woke up and took a huge breath. No spirit on me, my closet door still open, I grabbed my phone, earphones and pillow and ran straight in the bathroom, keeping the light open as I sulked in the bathtub, still taking huge, slow breaths. Never had the same experience again, and I know it sounds cliche, but I can still sorta hear the creature's giggle when hearing a door creak open.

Story is told by Ghastly_flashhh


Dang nice story