They twirled together, following the rhythm of the cliche romance song. The girl is not a good dancer, but the male leading covered up her flaws, supporting her. They really look like a perfect couple. The song ended, and they are staring at each other's eyes lovingly. "You're so perfect, darling. I don't think I can live without you," I covered my mouth, trying my best to cover up my laughter. Those were the words I told him yesterday. We even danced they way they did together. The girl looked at the closet I'm staying in suddenly. "Is there someone here?" She asks, shocked. "What are you saying?" The man pulled up her chin, forcing her to look at him gently. "Wait, I'm certain there was someone-" I couldn't hold it in any longer, laughing loudly until I was out of my breath. I kicked the door open, and the girl hid behind the man. My man. "Ahh, looks like I've been found out~ Too bad, you were going to live a day longer if you weren't so curious," I giggled, and the girl was trembling, staring at we with frightened eyes. I made my way towards her, holding her chin up. "What was it like, dancing with Ethan?" I smirked. "Wait, y-you know Ethan? E-ethan what's this?" She looked at Ethan confused. Ethan's facial expression changed, he looked at the girl with cold eyes. "You're so noisy," Ethan rolled his eyes, standing by my side. I held his arms, leaning against it. "W-what? We're over!" Her hand flew over to Ethan's face, but he quickly grabbed her hand. "You know what else is over? It's your life~" I giggled, my fingers sliding from cheek to her neck, wrapping around it. She gasped, her left hand scratching on my arm. "H-help," she stared at Ethan with pitiful eyes. "Don't look at him." I rolled my eyes, my grip tightened and she finally stopped fighting back. I dropped her to the ground. "Oh, I'm too lazy to clean that up," I whined plopping onto the leathered sofa, before I remembered something. "Hey, Ethan." I stared at him. "When you were dancing with her earlier," I stopped to stand up, looking at him face to face. My right hand cupped his face, his eyes staring at me lovingly. Unlike when he was with that girl, his gaze is now much more sincere. I smirked, leaning towards his ear and whispering, "Did you get deja vu?" __ Hey ♡ This story is written because the song Deja Vu is literally stuck in my head haha. I guess you could say that inspired me. Should I write more stories based on songs?

Story is told by Hxni2344


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