Cloak: sir we can't just kill innocents. Plague: then use the prisoners. Reaper: no, no way we are not using any prisoners my brother is in there and even though he has done some things that are against rule he is doing the time BOOOOM!!!!! A huge explosion in the west wing of camp sends a hoard of infected to the camp and prisoners riot the streets in a matter of seconds. Howls of dogs echo and the screams of terror along with screams of infect ring out gunshots are heard and not many people survive the attack. Plague, Reaper, and Cloak along with Skull (Reaper' s brother) and a few other people and animals flee on horse back. Plague: I, We need to figure out what the hell happened and if....(Howls and laughter interrupt Plague) Armed civilian: That's The Dog and their handler, we need to leave now!!! Reaper, Cloak, Skull, and plague leave the other survivors and scare the rest of the horses knowing they are only delaying their impending doom...

Story is told by lonewolf


Thanks this is the second to last story on the dog